Our Programmes

Manzi wa Maana

According to a report by the United Nation Population Fund, between 2016 to 2017, Kenya recorded 378,397 teenage pregnancies cases. This information calls for community collaboration to reduce the cases. Jaawabu For Communities has been on the forefront to come up with projects to help the teenage mothers. Most importantly, we advocate for ‘return to school’ campaign so that most of them can finish their studies and live to fulfill their dreams.

We have been providing customized trainings to the African women, empowering them to be the best and stand counted in the community. We teach them on career development, sexual health and reproductive rights, gender based violence and financial literacy. Economically, we train soap and detergent making, bead work, tailoring, hairdressing, just to mention but a few.

School girls are our priority. We provide mentorship talks to numerous school-going girls. We teach them on hygiene, sexuality, moral standings, academics and their will power. Afterwards, we donate dignity packs, foodstuffs, academic materials, kind gifts, etc.